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Midwest Born & Raised

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Union Horse started with the idea of bringing something unique and special to our hometown that hadn’t been done since Prohibition. More than a decade later, that idea has grown into the family-owned and operated, award–winning, craft distillery you know today as Union Horse Distilling Co. Union Horse was established in 2010 by the four Garcia siblings: Eric Garcia, General Manager; Patrick Garcia, Master Distiller; Damian Garcia, Director of Sales and Marketing; Mary Garcia Gallagher, Events Director. Our vision and mission: create a grain-to-glass whiskey legacy, family and community that would continue for years to come.

Our goal turned to producing and pioneering whiskeys born and raised here, using only the finest Midwest ingredients. We are "Midwest Born & Raised" …one barrel at a time. From milling the finest quality, Midwest grains to the barreling and bottling, everything is done in house and by hand. Our unified drive and dedication are what inspires us to pioneer and create our unique collection of authentic, artisanal offerings.

Local ingredients, as well as the area they’re produced in, make our spirits one-of-a-kind. Behind every mash bill is the grain and the farmers who grow it. The wheat, rye, corn, and barley used in our handcrafted whiskies are locally sourced from hardworking Midwestern family farms. As for the area - the extreme weather conditions, namely hot summers, and cold winters, play a role in the barrel-aging process. Each one of these pieces of the Midwest are what create our unique collection of authentic, artisanal, award-winning offerings. There’s no other place we’d rather be.

UHD outside

When we decided to choose a name, we knew that we needed something that truly captured the unified spirit it takes to run a homegrown family business. Union is the back of our team and our process. It’s the collective energy that flows from both Kansas and Missouri that creatively powers our hometown of Kansas City. It’s in the process of our spirits, combining the best locally sourced ingredients. You’ll notice a unifying force throughout all aspects of our product: from the water to the grain, to the spirit and the barrel; from our location in a metro that straddles Kansas and Missouri, to the family team and business partners that create the product. We're living, breathing proof that tenacity outplays experience - and we know millions of people abide by the same belief, working day in and day out to create their own legacy.

Our family invites you to experience our handcrafted spirits, we know you’ll taste our difference in every sip. Union Horse Distilling Co. spirits are available for purchase at local retailers in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois, Colorado, Oklahoma, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California (San Francisco and Los Angeles), Georgia, and Tennessee.

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