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In 2010, Union Horse was founded with the idea of bringing something special and unique to our hometown of Kansas City that hadn’t been done since Prohibition. Our collective effort to produce grain-to-glass whiskies was born from this idea. In a landscape dominated by the big brands, we knew there would be no shortage of obstacles along the way. But as we all know, things that are worthwhile don’t come easy and when you’ve got the DNA of a dark horse, you’re no stranger to adversity. We’ve fought the battles and faced the storms head on. This is the fighting spirit that lives in us and in our craft.



From milling the finest quality Midwest grains to the barreling and bottling, everything is done in house and by hand.  For our team it’s a sign of respect – for the traditions of our industry, for the family and ultimately for you.

The Team

Union is the back of our team and our process.  It’s the collective energy that flows from both Kansas and Missouri that creatively powers our hometown of Kansas City. It’s in the process of our spirits, combining the best locally sourced ingredients.

As we move forward, we will continue to innovate and push the boundaries in our process, artistry and dedication to the craft. Evolution is key in creating the next generation of anticipated expressions.

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